Mike Rosenow :
My own 2 cents: I met Mike when I was invited to sit in with his band by my old friend Charlie Calhoon (harmonica player). I played a couple numbers and next thing I knew, I was playing with his ensemble 2 nights a week for the next few months. I discovered along the way how well versed he was in blues and how much he really enjoys playing music. He's got the best key ingredient in a bass player; he's a bass player. What I mean is that when he's playing bass, he's playing bass. When he's playing guitar, he's playing guitar. He doesn't crossover the two.  But for months when I was playing with him, he was exclusively playing guitar. I never really saw him play bass. One night he did and I very much liked the way he played. I told him about the little project Kendall, David, and I had started, and invited him to check it out. Within minutes of us all playing together, it just fit right. Mike shared the same enthusiasm for the kind of music we were playing and he seemed to really like my choices for songs. He gets up super early in the mornings, but is always there for our rehearsals and shows; he really loves to play. A consummate professional. I'm very glad he's playing with us. 

David Rhee :
My own 2 cents: I know that he secretly works for the CIA, or something. No one can disappear and reappear like that and not have another life running in the background.... I met David at The Downtown in Red Bank NJ in late 2008. We were at the open mic and ended up on stage together. I called out the song "Something" by George Harrison. I was immediately impressed at how well he played it; with all the subtle nuances of the recording. I knew he was a keen listener and it's been since proven more than I could have imagined. When I asked him what his ideal situation was, he replied "To play in the Nat King Cole Trio". Then I knew he had his ears on. He joined Kendall and I in my kitchen (drums and all) and it was starting to take shape. He's an incredible listener. He actually learns songs by just listening to them without a drum in sight. He remembers the parts and somehow retains it all. I nicknamed him "The Count" because he breaks down songs we play by counting every bar in every section (which I can't keep track of). He has a fantastic ear and can pick up the most subtle details in a song. Super guy.

Kendall was a founding member of the funk rock group Cypha'z God'z which featured a talent base from Japan, Eastern Europe, Haiti, and the United States. Underground European notoriety would arrive just as the group dissolved, with members lighting out for different parts of the planet to pursue other interests. Final lineups incorporated Mark White of the Spin Doctors and Kenji Hino in an effort to replace exiting bassist Mas Hino.

Between performing and scoring indie films he is either snowboarding or busy stealing licks from Adam Holzman when he is not looking.

My own 2 cents: I've known Kendall the longest. I met him when he was playing in a friend of mine's band and I let them all rehearse in my basement. I was trying to live a serious life at the time (glad that's over). I always was wanting to be a part of that instead. More recently, I used to stop in and see him when he was at B&H in NYC in the pro-audio dept. This band really started when he and I went to one of the Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood concerts at Madison Square Garden; Feb 2008. We were in like the 5th row and as we listened to those songs, we just turned to each other like "Wow", Imagine (trying to) play some of these. Shortly after, we were in my kitchen doing just that and jamming for fun. We quickly expanded the library into all kinds of directions. We come from such opposite schools: He's a musically educated Berkley guy and I'm a "wing-it-hack" who often doesn't know exactly what the name of the chord is I'm playing(!). Despite this, we get on famously: I envy his musical knowledge and he's patient with my lack of same ;-). We appreciate a lot of the same music and we're both sounds (tone) junkies. Great musician and good pal.

Kendall Scott : Kendall Scott has been playing both guitar and keyboards from the early age of 7. A steady diet of classical, jazz, rock and pop lead to strong interests in fusion, progressive rock, experimental electronic, and world music.

He is a multi instrumentalist, synthesist, and programmer who spent time in the fertile Washington D.C. music scene in the mid 1980's during the fledgling years of MIDI recording, working for famed Dub producer Scientist and Urban Verbs guitarist Robert Goldstein among others. A move to Boston lead to further training in synthesis at Berklee College of Music under Richard Boulanger and David Mash, before relocating to New York for more session work and performances as well as a lengthy series of guitar studies with Bill Connors.

Robert : Lead guitar, vocals. - Born in New York City but raised entirely in New Jersey. Started on guitar when I was 9. Very off and on for a while; been full-tilt the last few years. I love playing more than just about anything else. I love sounds, melody, and phrases. I'd like to chuck out everything else and just do this. Fin. How's that for a bio?

Robert & the Band

Kendall Scott, Mike Rosenow, David Rhee