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September 9th: We've had a really good summer- thanks. The highlight was surely the trip & shows in England in June. Lots of changes and improvements in the band and music and more to come. Our inclusion again in the Guinness Festival in Red Bank is what we're looking forward to now. I'm working on some nice things for that and we're proud to be opening the festival from 12 - 1:30 PM. The fall will hopefully see a return to working in my own newly formed "Monarch Studios". Lots to do and learn to bring that project to fruition, but I have a good feeling about the whole thing. Thanks for checking in... :-). -Robert

(Latest Update): Can't thank our growing following enough for your support in all of our recent shows. April was a great success for us in many ways. The feedback we've been receiving is really almost unbelievable;  we are very grateful for it. The show at Asbury Blues on 4/22 was particularly special; with my buddy Tommy Mastro in from Nashville on drums and the inimitable Gene Boccia on bass, I felt like a surfer with nothing but perfect waves underneath me...one of the best shows I've ever done. Thanks to many of you, we collected nearly $300 in cash tips that night(!) and I wanted to thank you for that. We look forward to many more good times ahead... Thank you all very much!

  Recording underway...

Can't begin to explain the work that went into this studio and this process; but it's finally happening (!)
Stay tuned.......

I am very pleased to announce our participation in the
Guinness Oyster Festival
in Red Bank on Sunday September 26th.

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We have been back into full rehearsals lately; added a bunch of really good songs (we hope you like them too), and I've been putting content together for the webpage.

The website stuff can be tricky. I know every eight-year old kid can make ten webpages while blindfolded (anybody know one?), but I'm new to it. Fortunately, I have some help. But I have to put the photos in and eventually the music (?!How!?). It's cool to see it come together though.

Coming up with song ideas is the easiest part for this band. Nearly every rehearsal, somebody will play a small part, riff, or intro to some fine number, and the next thing you know we all kick in. Then we agree to add it to our running "list". The truth is, we'd have more songs than we could ever play in a night (we already do). But the thing that I enjoy the most is picking out songs that are hidden classics. Uncommon songs that you almost never hear, but just as great as the more oft heard band songs. I'm really glad that all the guys in the band are as enthused about this philosophy as I am. We come from different directions, but we have a lot of "overlap" when it comes to appreciating "the good stuff".
Always working on sounds; I find this to be almost as time consuming as learning the songs themselves! When you choose a song, you listen to it and hear the tones of the instruments on the original recording. Then you have to decide how true to form you want to be with your own tone. I'm a little bit of a tone junkie so it's fun, but when you get it just right, it's very rewarding.

I have a considerable amount of songs that I've written over time. I just did it for myself mostly, but it really is fun to pull them out once in a while and hear the whole band play 'em. Even greater is that these guys really encourage me to pull the originals off the shelf and they're eager to learn them.  We have a few that we've recently added to our reportoire.

During last summer and fall, we were playing a fair amount. We had a regular gig at the Wonderbar in Asbury Park as the Wednesday night house band. Many of these shows were recorded so we'll be culling through that stuff and try to get some live tracks up here somewhere (somehow).

It has to be said that I'm really proud of this band. These are such great guys and we have a really good time. Nobody is nuts (well, not outside tolerable limits), and everyone is good-natured. We have such a good time playing. I hope you'll come out and catch one of our shows soon.

That's all for now...please keep checking back and feel free to drop me an email through the contact page...
Thanks & God Bless...

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